New York City News of the Day: August 11th, 2014

August 11th, 2014:  Today’s New York City News of the Day involves the costumed characters in Times Square!
The NYPD is launching an awareness campaign to protect visitors who come to the iconic Times Square area from being taken advantage of by the costumed characters that fill the area.  These costumed characters pose for pictures with tourists and then ask for tips, which some visitors do not realize until after the picture has been taken.  In recent weeks, some of the characters have “gone to far” as Mayor Bill de Blasio explains by demanding more money than given and becoming irate with tourists.   The NYPD is now handing out fliers in the area, warning of the demanded compensation.  These fliers ask that if one of the characters gets out of hand, to approach and talk to a local NYPD officer or call 911 and notify them of the situation.
Just another example of how the city is constantly making strides to keep the Times Square area tourist-friendly and safe for all visitors!  That’s all for today!

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